Art of Relaxation

Melt Tension Away!
This can be read in a soft voice to another to step them through a deep experience of Peace





Yoga Nidra..Deep Relaxation Technique.

1. Laying on the floor or in bed (in a place that is comfortable, warm and with low lighting)
(relaxing music lyrics).
2. Taking a few long deep breaths let your muscles drop.
3. As you watch the breath and on the inhale,
stretch out your right leg, point the toe, continue to inhale, tense the leg, lift the leg a few inches, and hold, then drop the leg on the exhale.
4. Repeat this on the left leg. Then roll the legs side to side to let them rest relaxed.
5. Now bring your awareness to your hands.
6. Take in a breath and splay out your fingers on the right hand .
7. Now make a fist.
8. Continue to inhale and tense your arm all the way up into the shoulder.
9. Lift the arm just a few inches, tense, hold.
10. Release, exhale and relax as the arm drops to the floor like a limb falling from a tree.
11. Repeat the left hand. role the hands side to side and let them rest relaxed.
12. Now bring your awareness to the buttocks.
13. Take in a breath and tighten the muscles.
14. Lift up off the surface you are laying on and tense the muscles tighter.
15. Hold the breath, tighten, hold.
16. Exhale and release, drop and relax.
17. Let everything go.

18. Wait a moment or
19. Now bring your awareness to your abdomen.
20. Take a small breath in and gradually increase it as you extend the abdomen toward the ceiling.
21. Keep puffing it up larger like blowing up a balloon.
22. Hold, then with a large exhale let all the air out your mouth.
23. Exhale.
24. Let all the muscles in the abdomen relax deeply.
25. Let it go a little more, and more, let it go.26. Just as we did with the abdomen, so to with the Chest.
27. Inhale, extend, puff it up towards the sky, hold, release and exhale out the mouth, relax.

28. Now we will bring the awareness to the back beginning with the sacrum.
29. Please kindly bring your awareness to the sacrum.
30. As we move up each of the vertebra, opening, releasing, and relaxing them
31. Relax the muscles of the lower back
32. The middle back
33. And now the upper back.
34. With your awareness on the shoulders, gently glide them up towards your ears.
35. Gently glide them down towards your feet.
36. Bring them up off the surface you are laying on to squeeze them under your chin.
37. Drop them to rest as before.
38. Relax and rest deeply.

39. Finally, please bring your awareness to you face.
40. Slacken the jaw and move it from side to side.
41. Make a smile, release it.
42. Lift your eyebrows, release it.
43. Scrunch you nose, release it.
44. And bring your face to squeeze to the tip of your nose, squeeze it tight, tighter, release.

Now you are very relaxed.
Take a moment to observe your body at the state of deep relaxation.
Wait a full minute
Now observe your breath, you may notice that it has become very gentle.
Wait a full minute in the awareness of the breath.
Now watch your thoughts.
They may come and they may go.
If the thoughts stay and get caught up in a story line
return to your breath.
Keep coming back to the breath.
Watch the thoughts like you are watching clouds moving across the Sky.
The thoughts come and go, the clouds come and go.
The Sky is always here.
You can rest in the Skylike nature of your mind, that is Awareness without story.

Rest and be in the Peace that is yourTrue Nature.

May all beings Discover their True Nature, Awareness.